Secondary Education Management Information System (SEMIS)

Purpose of SEMIS

The Secondary Education Management Information System aims at creating a comprehensive database on secondary and higher secondary education for facilitating planning, monitoring and related secondary education management activities under the RMSA. The SEMIS intends to cover all recognized institutions in the State/UT imparting secondary and higher secondary education. It envisages collecting relevant data relating to profile of the institution, enrolment, repeaters, passouts, teacher provisions, infrastructure and teaching-learning facilities, and school level income and expenditures. Data thus collected using the DCF under the SEMIS would be processed and stored both at the district and state levels. Accordingly, necessary arrangements are being made at the district level to institutionalize SEMIS under the RMSA.

As part of this exercise, this Data Capture Format (DCF) is to be administered to all recognized secondary and higher secondary schools, intermediate/junior colleges/pre-university classes attached to degree colleges in the State/UT. This DCF is to be filled in by the Headmaster/Principal of the school/college. Since the reliability of the SEMIS database depends on the accuracy and completeness of the information to be furnished by the institution, you are requested to answer each item in the DCF carefully and accurately. Your commitment and cooperation have huge implications for effective planning and management of secondary education in the State/UT. 

In order to develop SEMIS, the Data Capture Formats (DCFs) developed, finalized and printed by NUEPA have been sent to all the states and union territories of the country. Using these DCFs the States and UTs are collecting data and information from all the recognized secondary and higher secondary schools. A web-based software has already been developed by NUEPA which will be used by all states and UTs for developing computerized Secondary Education Management Information System (SEMIS). The tabulation, analysis and interpretation of data thus collected will be used for preparing the status report of secondary education which will, for all practical purposes, be a diagnostic study in order to plan for secondary education in coming years.

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